Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Moon Edward

What New Moon Poket Size Edward Does Every Morning!

First he comes over


Tweets! He Tweets alot!

Watches a little porn

Then Goes out Hunting!

Thats every Morning! LMAO!

Monday, April 5, 2010


OK so i EPICLY FAIL at protecting my PE....but at the same time i didn't think that my DH would stoop this low.....THIS is what he does when I'm at work, he KIDNAPPED PE from my purse while i wasn't looking and then had the nerve to send me this pic...WHILE I WAS AT WORK!!!!!! FUCKER!!!!! he said either he gets it or the doll does.....HMMMMMMMM ill have to think about that one!!!! but as much as i like plastic, I'm really not into THAT kind of kinkiness....i of course in the end , i WILL sacrifice myself to save PE!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Picture...

So i know this picture sucks and all but hey it was taken on a cell phone...and as we all know cell phone pics suck ass!!!!!
This is Pocket E protecting my vitamin R that my new friend @TwittahMom, was so kind to bring me back from her recent little trip to FORKS!!!!! (and yes i was fucking jealous)!!!!!

New to this........

So here goes, I am new to all of blogger stuff, i read many of them , but never thought id start my own, but thanks to all of the great blogs out there i decided why the fuck not!!!!!! so this little blog is going to be about me and Pocket E,and all of his adventures as he learns how to live outside the plastic,and stay safe from my hubby,who would like nothing better than to torture and dismember him, but we ARE NOT going to let that happen!!!!!
And be warned now,that there may be some cursing and some dirty adventures, Ive been told that Pocket E can get pretty wild at times!!!!
so thanks for visiting and all that happy shit, leave me some comments, i can take the good with the bad, I'm a redhead so i really don't give a fuck what people think of me, I'm just here to have some fun and show Pocket E a good time!!!!!
and i wont be posting everyday,as RL tends to kick my ass, but we will go on as many adventures as we can........