Friday, June 18, 2010

More PE in Chicago

PE in front of the Chicago Sun-Times
PE in front of The Sears Tower
PE in front of Harpo Studios
PE at Navy Pier
PE on the Chicago River
Tina's PE and Kiva's PE at the Cougar Crossing
Run PE, Run
Tina's PE in her purse

PE at work with Kiva, the journalist

PE at a SWAT standoff
PE on my desk
PE at Fire Agility Training
PE in District Court
PE at a HAZ-MAT situation at the airport
PE listening to the Japanese Harp
PE at the Kentucky State Capital
PE at a Japanese Tea Ceremony
PE and the former President of India

PE kidnapped by co-worker

I left work early one day last week and left PE on my desk (I know, what was I thinking?), so the next day, while home sick, I got these "ransom" tweets from the Sports Editor

PE in the Windy City when Eclipse cast was on Oprah